About Cobia

We care deeply about the direction Southwest Florida takes economically and socially, and we have an abundance of experience in Real Estate – from marketing & operations, to buying and selling residential and commercial property, to investing in and speculating on properties of all shapes and sizes. 

As on-the-ground as coordinating land clearing and junk removal, and as high-level as helping local agencies direct future landing planning and growth initiatives, we’re doing it all in real estate in Southwest Florida. 

Buildings & Residential Homes

Historically Cobia has been involved in the residential side of real estate. Everything from small residential transactions and wholesaling. With over 30 years of combined experience in Real Estate we are THE most qualified firm for all kinds of real estate related projects.


Our founders were born and raised in Southwest Florida and are looking to help continue the same spirit with which the area was founded.


We believe incentives and values rule. By implementing policies and great design and development Southwest Florida will grow to one of the biggest power-houses in National and Global economics and politcs.

Build Your Dream

25 Years Of Unprecedented Success

Our team consists of real estate, construction and marketing veterans ready to provide the same level of expertise they’ve brought to national clients home – to Southwest Florida. Born here, raised here, we know here and we have a vision for what’s next in Souhtwest Florida. 


Projects Successfully Under Contract, Assigned, Improved and Flipped


Years of Experience in Real Estate, Construction & Marketing

$1 Billion

Assets we've acquired, real estate transacted, and wholesale contracts assigned.


Projects projected for 2024


Committed To Growing Southwest Florida

We’re committed to effective, sustainable development within Southwest Florida that benefits long-time residents and provides a welcoming environment for tourism and other industries. 

We Follow Best Practices

When it comes to real estate development and construction projects we’re utilizing best practices and the latest technology to outpace the competition and provide the best value to everyone involved.