Land Development

With 30+ years of experience re-zoning, gathering entitlements, site work and much more. We are commited to exceeding expectations, look no further.

“Transforming Visions into Reality: Your Trusted Partner in Land Development”

At Cobia Companies, we don’t just build homes; we build communities. The first step of that involves developing land to ensure it’s ready for the larger vision.

With years of experience in the wholesale real estate industry, we’ve expanded our expertise into the realm of land development. Our comprehensive services are designed to turn your undeveloped property into a thriving community or a profitable commercial space.

Why Choose Cobia for Land Development?

Our Services

Planning & Consultation

Our team of experts will evaluate the potential of your land and provide a detailed plan for development.

Zoning & Permits

We navigate the complex legal landscape to secure all necessary approvals.

Infrastructure Development

From roads to utilities, we lay the foundation for a successful project.


Our network of trusted subcontractors ensures high-quality construction.