Do you run a business in the wholesale industry and want to boost your sales? Look no further. We’ve leveraged our specialized expertise, background in marketing & business development – as well as our own battle-hardened Wholesale Cold Calling to development a wholesale cold calling product that allows us do all the legwork while you enjoy a steady stream of fresh leads delivered daily.

Our team is armed with proven scripts and we’ve been through rigorous training and testing to provide you with the highest quality of cold calling services. We are ready to work for you on a monthly basis, with zero training and zero setup on your part.

How does it work?

Pricing and Launch Offer

The regular pricing for our service will be $1000 for setup, and $3500 per month.

However, as part of our exciting prelaunch offer, we’re completely waiving the setup fee and reducing the monthly rate to only $2500!

Yes, you read that right! For the cost of just $2500 per month, you’ll receive an average of 80-100 leads every month. This technique has already been successful in closing about a half dozen deals per month.

What’re the Wholesale Benefits?
Aside from the obvious savings of time and effort on your part, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a dedicated and specialized team working tirelessly to generate leads for your business. Imagine what you could achieve with a steady stream of fresh leads and more time to focus on your business’ core areas? We set the appointments, bring you the leads – and you do the closing!

This is a limited-time offer! Grab this opportunity before it’s gone. Don’t miss out on our special prelaunch pricing and take your wholesale business to new heights. Secure your slot today and watch your business grow tomorrow.

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